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The BBC gets an apology…


The BBC may actually be forgiven for feeling a little hard done by in the case of the recent so-called “misleading footage” of the Queen.

The rules generally state that the broadcaster is liable for the content, even if they haven’t made it. Its the broadcasters responsibility to make sure that content is accurate and fair and that’s why an apology to the Queen was quick in coming, even though the footage had technically not been broadcast.

Well, the RDF Media Group, who made the documentary have now apologised to the BBC for providing the misleading footage in the first place. This apology in itself now raises a few questions which surround this issue. Firstly how can mistakes like this be prevented in the future and secondly if broadcasters such as the BBC commission outside companies to make their programmes, how can they be sure that the finished article is accurate and fair? especially if they weren’t there when the footage was shot?

This case highlights the fact that the camera can lie, a further question may be how often has this happened in the past?


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