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Competition crisis at the BBC

When it rains it pours, especially for the BBC. In the same week which ushered in an apology to the reigning Monarch, competitions have been suspended across the board as more stories of rigged phone-ins have come to light.

The details don’t make good reading as its clear that some of the BBC’s biggest programmes and initiatives have fallen foul to style over substance. It seems that in many cases, rather than announcing technical difficulties, the public have been misled instead.

In some cases, pre-recorded programmes have been transmitted as live and people have been mislead as to how the competitions have been run, with production staff and friends calling in to collect the prizes.

It would appear that the BBC staff have chosen to ignore the production guidelines and instead, try to keep the programmes running as smoothly as possible which would beg the question: Why bother with a competition in the first place?

Competitions can net thousands of pounds per hour for broadcast companies but as the BBC is funded by the license fee, most of the money is donated to charities. Despite this, the BBC could easily end up with a red face to go with the red nose.

You can read Chris Evans’ blog post regarding this issue here. You can read about the latest fake phone-ins here.


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