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All change for Church posters?

The Church ‘industry’ may be in decline but thanks to some media-savvy pastors, the writing on the wall may point to better times ahead.

BBC Radio 4’s ‘word of mouth‘ programme recently featured the motorbiking minister Paul Sinclair, who also goes by the name of the ‘faster pastor’.

Paul’s expertise lies in advertising and his church posters have turned both heads and headlines over the years but his aim is to use media in a positive way to fill the pews. Churches have traditionally been reticent to use media techniques to get their message out however an increasing number of congregations are becoming much more media-savvy, some even employing press officers and creative specialists.

You can listen to Mr Sinclair’s interview here.


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The Alastair Campbell Diaries – The Blair Years


The first of what’s considered to be many of Alastair Campbell’s diaries hits the shelves tomorrow and it promises to contain information which both glorifies and vilifies the recently departed Prime Minister.

The first book of the series may not sell as many as the upcoming Harry Potter but for anyone interested in the mysterious world of politics, there is sure to be a murky glimpse into the spellbinding world of ministers, not wizzards.

Mr Campbell spoke about the book this morning on ‘Sunday AM’ with Andrew Marr. He explained that although the book will provide ammunition to both sides, he has chosen to ‘spin’ the book in favour of the Labour Government. Apparently we wont be reading too much about the Blair-Brown-bust-up although the subject has not been avoided in its entirety.

I will be reading this book from tomorrow and will post my personal opinions on my own blog. In the meantime, UK readers of this blog my purchase the book online from Amazon.

Edit: You may want to read Nick Robinson’s (BBC) take on the diaries here.

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