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The Safety of Journalists

With the safe release of Alan Johnstone, the collective relief of the media was felt the world over. Everyone accepts that the dangers facing journalists are ever increasing but what cost should individuals be prepared to pay for a ‘free press’?

 Jon Williams, the BBC world news editor has written extensively about Alan’s captivity and the corporations response. His writing helps to highlight the fine line which news providers must tread when trying to balance individual safety with the ubiquitous task of the free press to get the word out.

 Shortly before Alan Johnstone was kidnapped, Richard Sambrook (director of the BBC’s Global News division) also wrote about the dangers facing journalists. Richard’s post considered many of the cases which unfortunately do not end in freedom for the individuals concerned.

 Readers of this blog should just take a moment, amidst the relief for Alan and his family, to highlight this ongoing, wider issue.