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All change for Church posters?

The Church ‘industry’ may be in decline but thanks to some media-savvy pastors, the writing on the wall may point to better times ahead.

BBC Radio 4’s ‘word of mouth‘ programme recently featured the motorbiking minister Paul Sinclair, who also goes by the name of the ‘faster pastor’.

Paul’s expertise lies in advertising and his church posters have turned both heads and headlines over the years but his aim is to use media in a positive way to fill the pews. Churches have traditionally been reticent to use media techniques to get their message out however an increasing number of congregations are becoming much more media-savvy, some even employing press officers and creative specialists.

You can listen to Mr Sinclair’s interview here.


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Alastair Cambell on diaries, life & Diana

The ink may still be wet on the pages but people are already asking Alastair Campbell what he really meant when he wrote his diaries.

One such person to try to delve a little deeper was BBC Radio Manchester’s Heather Stott who quite frankly, stumped the ‘king of spin’ with some of her questions.

The interview offered a candid glimpse into Mr Campbell’s political past at No 10, but also his feelings about some of the rich and famous and some of the journalists who write the Daily Mail.

You may listen to the interview here although I do not have permission to re-broadcast so I won’t be at all surprised if I’m asked to take it down. I’d be even less surprised if the request came directly from Mr Campbell as well!


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The future for your radio


Chris Vallance from the BBC Radio five live ‘Pods & Blogs’ programme has posted on their blog what he thinks radio stations will sound like in the future.

Radio 2.0 promises to be a very different experience than what we are all used to at the moment with a major push being made in the way in which audiences can get at, and then interact with the content.

The full broadcast which was recorded at the 2007 Radio festival in Cambridge is included in the article so why not tune in to the future?

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E4 radio to be the first radio station from Channel 4


Channel 4 have announced that the first of their new digital radio channels will be called ‘E4 Radio’. The 4 Digital Group will be aiming the new station at people aged 15-29 and the station will begin broadcasting soon.

Also in the pipeline is ‘Channel 4 Radio’ and ‘Pure4’, both of which are targeting some of the audience who are currently listening to the BBC’s national radio stations. Listeners won’t be able to tune in using conventional FM radios but those with DAB sets will automatically pick up the broadcasts when they start transmitting.

‘Channel 4 Radio’ is a consortium which joins Channel 4 with Sky News, Virgin Radio, The Carphone Warehouse, Disney and the publishing giant Emap.

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The Safety of Journalists

With the safe release of Alan Johnstone, the collective relief of the media was felt the world over. Everyone accepts that the dangers facing journalists are ever increasing but what cost should individuals be prepared to pay for a ‘free press’?

 Jon Williams, the BBC world news editor has written extensively about Alan’s captivity and the corporations response. His writing helps to highlight the fine line which news providers must tread when trying to balance individual safety with the ubiquitous task of the free press to get the word out.

 Shortly before Alan Johnstone was kidnapped, Richard Sambrook (director of the BBC’s Global News division) also wrote about the dangers facing journalists. Richard’s post considered many of the cases which unfortunately do not end in freedom for the individuals concerned.

 Readers of this blog should just take a moment, amidst the relief for Alan and his family, to highlight this ongoing, wider issue.