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ITV admission over ‘faked’ death


Forget the competitions, the latest TV blunder is literally a matter of life and death.

An ITV documentary initially claimed that it ended by showing the death of an Alzheimer sufferer, who in fact, went on to die three days later.

The programmes creator, Paul Watson told BBC News: “My crime is that I did not compile that press statement and that I did not read it sufficiently clearly, if indeed I did see it properly and I’m sure I didn’t”.

The footage actually showed Mr Pointon slipping into unconsciousness rather than ‘passing away’ as claimed initially by ITV.

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Tarrah Chuck!

Liz Dawn who plays Coronation Street’s Vera Duckworth has announced she’s walking down the cobbles for the last time.

The 68-year old actress has played the character for 34 years and she makes up one half of one of the most long suffering TV couples in British television.

Ms Dawn has cited health reasons for her departure and is expeced to film her last scenes before Christmas.

You can check out corrieblog for all of the latest Coronation Street news and info.

The BBC gets an apology…


The BBC may actually be forgiven for feeling a little hard done by in the case of the recent so-called “misleading footage” of the Queen.

The rules generally state that the broadcaster is liable for the content, even if they haven’t made it. Its the broadcasters responsibility to make sure that content is accurate and fair and that’s why an apology to the Queen was quick in coming, even though the footage had technically not been broadcast.

Well, the RDF Media Group, who made the documentary have now apologised to the BBC for providing the misleading footage in the first place. This apology in itself now raises a few questions which surround this issue. Firstly how can mistakes like this be prevented in the future and secondly if broadcasters such as the BBC commission outside companies to make their programmes, how can they be sure that the finished article is accurate and fair? especially if they weren’t there when the footage was shot?

This case highlights the fact that the camera can lie, a further question may be how often has this happened in the past?

A day in the life… Via a blog

The morning editor of BBC News 24, Simon Waldman has given us a glimpse ito ‘Waldman’s world’ via posting on his blog.

He’s basically blogged his way through his morning shift, presumably to be read by those who were surreptitiously keeping up to date via a browser hidden behind the spreadsheet.

The blog gives a good insight into the challenges that face a rolling TV news channel. Some stories can be planned for, they’re already in the diary but lots are reported on by cool, calm and collected newsreaders reading out a script written by a frantic, overworked script writers and news Editors. As the blog shows too, sometimes as the nature of events unfold, the news team have to change things quickly.

You can read all about Simon’s shift here.

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The BBC says sorry: To the Queen

The BBC has apologised to the Queen after a trail for a new documentary appeared to show Her Majesty storming out of a room during a photo shoot.

The trail, made for BBC One, showed a series of events out of chronological order which gave the impression that the Queen had stormed out of a portrait session with Annie Leibovitz. This was not the case.

The BBC issued the following statement. (EDIT: MediaGuardian is now reporting that the offending trail was made by an outside company.  This would not absolve the corporation if it had broadcast the trail but in this case, it could alter things)

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Want more news? Tune into BBC One


BBC One will be keeping us up to date more often with a new bulletin which will be shown at 8pm. Peter Fincham, the Channel controller has commented that the aim is to fill the gap between ‘the six’ and ‘the ten’ whilst also trying to reach more young people with the days events.

Although unconfirmed, Natasha Kaplinsky could be the face of the new ‘bully’s’ which could range from 60 seconds to 90 seconds in length. They could also include a weather update and maybe even regional stories according to speculation on the BBC News website.

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Time is money…


According to the BBC News website, Coronation Street’s ‘Ashley Peacock’ recently caused problems on set by simply not turning up.

Other cast members from ITV’s flagship soap were sent home along with the crew after Steven Arnold did not attend the Manchester studios for filming.

The BBC are reporting that although initially the bosses where unable to contact Mr Arnold, the matter has now been resolved although a full days filming was scrapped.

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